Sunday, January 8, 2017

A New Home

January is a good time to sit down and catch up with many tasks that are partly done , or laying forgotten in the bottom of a work basket some where.
It is my goal this month to start catching up on projects that I have left half done or not even started which lay in a box or basket  sadly left to their own devices. I have already finished one which I am sending to an long time friend who had been a wonderful encouragement and support through out the years since my son had been injured.
 This friend had Wisdom that came from God and Prayers that at times I could not even pray.inmy brokeness. Freinds like that are above value, priceless. Her faith is a encouragement to me, as she has had things in her life that could cause one to be bitter except that her faith stems not from others rather a firm belief that Jesus is Lord of her life, and she lives in the shadow of his cross.
So now news.

Exciting ch.anges have occurred this year, would never have believed it. We sold our home we have lived in since 1987, not an easy thing to do. My husband son and I have moved 6 hours north and share a lovely  bungalow nestled in the sweetest laid back town nestled in hills and surrounded by lakes. We had made this decision to go withur son where ever he moved. God blessed us with the easiest sale and move ever.

We came and viewed 12 houses in one day! There were several very nice ones but as soon as we walked in I thought home, and our son voiced the same thought"This is home mom." this wass mid July by Mid September it was Our sons and by Mid Oct. We were inside our new home. Today 21/2 months later no regrets.

I should tell you that 2 weeks before we looked at the house I reinjured my back by simply lifting a  small, very small! box of books. My lower spine is out of position and 3 doctors have told me no Chiropractor, physio will help and fusion isn't recommended at this point as the pain can be worse after surgery. Well it has been a while I am now able to slowly walk up stairs, and so proud of myself can walk several blocks now. I have an eliptical norditrack and  use it on lowest setting 3 times a week.

I don't understand why it has to be me, but am trusting God for healing. at first the pain was unbearable and would sleep sitting up and in turn lying down. it caused me not to have full bladder control for which frustrated more than anything else. As time goes on I find improvement and now I am trusting in y Heavenly Father  as I already said. Whether I have physically healed or not   is not important because God is using this to work in my life and my family as well.

psalm 119:70 to72 nlt
70 Their hearts are dull and stupid,
    but I delight in your instructions.
71 My suffering was good for me,
    for it taught me to pay attention to your decrees.
72 Your instructions are more valuable to me
    than millions in gold and silver.

These verses help me to keep my eyes on Christ and not get bitter, but to rejoice always in God and his overwhelming love. 
God bless you in2017 and stay close to the foot of the cross

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

And on and on

Spring, well it has been a very strange one hasnt it?Very little snow all winter followed by brief bouts of warm then snow rain and cold . Last night I forgot all about the red geranium I purchased on Sunday, and sadly frost hit it, well it will come back heary and strong as ever perhaps even sturdier if I trim it. That sort of sounds like us doesnt it?
I mean circumstances frost the first tender .

blooms off of us but the Gardener doesnt throw us on the compost heap instead he nurtures us and prunes all the dead and unhealthy bits off and when he is done we have blossomed into vibrant and strong plants in His garden.

I have not updated Wades progress latly, so now I will. he is taking care of himself . I look at him and my heart just melts. I think he is quite adorable, and he has his old sense of humour as well. He is looking to the future, for a house he decided to wait til spring, and would like a job, I do not think he could handle full time employment as he still tires easily. Outdoors would bes very nice.

I would love to see him find a special someone who would understand what is going on and be patient with him. Perhaps because Kyle is seeing a very nice girl, I think Wade could benefit as well        lol.

I had a nasty old wisdom tooth pulled. it fell apart and the filling came out as well. It had looked fine to me but woe! it was rotten, and infected. Apperences can be very decieving some people are like that they look ok but when you go deep there is rot,  We all are like that aren"t we? That is until God gets ahold of our lives and begins his transforming work. And like me with my tooth we try and pretend that it is fine we ignore the bad, the sin the ugly decay and one day wham! we cant ...there comes a time we have to have it extracted by Someone who is able to remove it. Then we are left with a raw bloody pussy mess with possible reprocussions.

Deal with sin while it is small, the rmoval and correction is a whole lot less painful just like having a regular dental check up. Running a spiritual check up daily not only keeps us spiritually healthy it keepsus close to oour Father

Thursday, July 9, 2015

closing of an old story, the new beginning.

I look back and shake my head, who ever thought I would say things are normal, not as they were but the new normal. I am smiling as I say this.

By September  Wade will be purchasing a home of his own, he is able to finally get on with his life make plans and hope again. and his father and I are so glad.

All of us are weary of this long hard journey,through the darkness with storms raging, and things in the storm reaching out to grasp and tear and rip our being to shreds, but God did not allow it, there were times we were feeling undone, vulnerable and lost, but Jesus held us to himself cradled in his loving arms.

The battle with the insurance company is over, and has brought great relief, we now now where we stand.

The Botox injections have worked so well, that Wade took his last in June and will not need anymore. The trips to Parkwood are done and we are joy filled with relief.He now has an occasional ordinary tylenol in regular dosage head ache and rarely!

He is wearing glasses and looks so darned cute in them.And he has a lovely new implant tooth. How proud I am that he has nearly payed off the dentist and optrician on the meagre ODSP and CDP that he recieves.He has become a very thrifty and careful manager of funds.

Wade has learned who is a real friend , and those who only for what they coould get from him. We all need to learn that lesson, I for one was hurt for several years by one who called herself my friend but only used me for what she could get. But I will not ever regret it for her children benefitted mat least, while she never learned but blamed everyone for her poor judgements and greed. I wish only the best for her future as a new wife.

Fred is tired, and I am hoping he will soon be able to retire. We want to sell our home, not that it was what we originally planned, but now we believe it will be better for us. He has been at myside ever stalward, and needs to be taken care of and favored just a bit.

Kyle is doing well, and is healing and recovering from all of this stress and pain as well. He is also a fine young man, and I am so prooud of him, he isrunning a big piece of heavy equipment for a large construction company, exactly what he has wanted to do. He is moving forward and seems happy.

I am sane again, I am turning my life with Gods help aroound, I am losing the weight I regained, and want to lose even more, my BP, Blood sugars are under control, and I am changing my whole eating and exercise program. I had fell 21/2 yrs ago(I think). From that point I am so much better, a recumbent stationary bike was instrumental in my recoovery, and my volunteer job at the local Thrift store as well.

I should like someday to write a book, perhaps. For now I will down load this to a usb drive and a hard copy, and sleep on it some. I have journals too .

No we dont stay the same, if we allow God He will change us, nurture us strengthen and grow us into the people He wants us to become. Far better not to rail against Him but to say OK Lord What now? and allow him his hand.

How do I close,...
with a song, a doxology I think would be most appropriate...

Friday, February 6, 2015

a post script so I dont forget

Wade and I have wonderful talks, so this past week we were chatting. He confessed to me that he still has those feelings of weakness in his lower legs. I am stunned he has not spoken about this for a very long time. I am documenting it here so \I do not forget.

2015 a Belaited Happy New Year

Well it is February and the 5th anniversary of My sons Fall is soon approaching.I can hardly believe it.

Sometimes I think that all this has been a dream this long road back to life. We meaning the whole family has changed. everyone is more intense about life, no longer do we take it so lightly. I am out of my depression and am so much more alive than I have been for all these years, Fred my dear is happier, and more content accepting of all that has and is happening, and our Youngest son has learned to get past it all as well and is living his life enjoying his new car,, and looking ahead to his future

I am not sure about Wade, I know he lives day to day, he does have hope, he has come to grips with how his life is now but I often wonder what plans he has for a wife, family and a future. He keeps telling us he is fine, happy he is forgiving family who have treated him shabbily, he has re engaged in his relation ship with my parents, especially my dad. He had been so bitter because they had not visited him in hospital or rehab, that they never called or wrote him. (it hurt me so as well, and I am not as over it as he is)

it is such relief for him to have those Botox injections, his liver is back to normal size, he had high cholesterol but is on meds for that as well, and is getting treatment for the acne breakouts that have plagued him really bad since his brain injury. It is good for his own view of himself not to have such  marred skin all over him. He is such a handsome man.

Gods Grace has brought us this far, through the horror the dark times the confusion, the anger into the light of the cross where our burdens are relieved shed. It is not us but Christ who bears the burdens that are ours .
How compassionate and loving Christ is , words fail me except to sing  His praises over and over until at last I will stand before the Father and then I will sing for eternity

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

End of September 2014

I am blown away yet again, when I think that not much more can change it does.

I cant stop Praising God for He is so good and His Mercy is abundant, His Grace washes over me.

So anyway

Wade went in August for his first series of Botox, and it is working, instead of taking handfuls of overthe counter nsaids he takes two if he needs to and a bottle lasts a long time. He had an enlarged liver we feel he over dosed himself constantly on tylenol, after he had bleeding from ASA
The other kinds arent any better still cause bleeding andlong term abuse of any type will kill you.His specialist got that through his head finally.

He is now goinig to all family get togethers and enjoying them, no longer uncomefortable.Oh he is getting there slowly

I see in him determiation mental physical and spiritually. He strives, just as he saw he was physically not fit any more. Wade is doing pushups, at first he did them upright against the counter inthe kitchen now he does 90, and is going to add sit ups too. he walks everywhere.

He oonly has to see specialist for his needles now, no need to go back. Family doctor can take care of everything.Only once everythree to 6 months the trip to London. Hooray

Me? my life goes on, I am losing weight again feeling more human and happy.
I am finding my back and left leg and foot are painful still a full year after my fall. Arthritis is active  too. i will talk to doctor when I see him.

Fred is trimming out the windows he put in several years ago, life is going on  now. Fred talks to me about how he is dealing with life now, I know it is hard for him.

My youngest Kyle is doing well he is on heavy equipment more at his job learning . He had given up hoping that he would be trained .

Thanksgiving soon will be here not sure exactly what we are doing, probibly going up to Scone trailer park for a meal with Freds familly and see my parents for a wile too. hope dad will let me cook and not havve mom get too up tight over preperation.

God gives us good gifts but we dont always recognise them.