Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Winds Blow Strong

I have been so wrapped up in Wade I have ignored me. It has come to the place that I fell apart. Afriends pointed oout that I am not making sense when I speak and it totally broke me I am not able to go back and face her , or go into work. I wish peopl;e would just hug more . I dont need to be critisized or spoke to as an idot nor come bam out of the blue I know I am hanging by a thread and she broke the thread I love her but how do I go back and face her it will take time.
I have to keep going noone can change that, I will get help and put one foot forward. I only hope noone kicks it.
I want to cocoon and recouperate but cant.
the Lilies in the field are important to God I know I am too...

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